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Hey! My name's Kirk! This is a place to post things I like and the occasional drawing~

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1 May 12

This is a pointless post but…

I was listening to the end of act five’s Cascade, and as the music faded right before Savior of the Dreaming Dead entered, I clicked MSPA to check for an update. It ended up on the page where gamzee sells his wicked PoTiOnS to Jane. the music that accompanied (elevatorstuck) came in perfectly and completely replaced SotDD. Kinda pointless yes, but it was pretty sweet all the same. Also, LOVING this Jailbreak sequence. * v*

*And yes. Once again, if you have a fantroll you’d like drawn and feel like I’m up to the challenge, don’t hesitate to make a request through the lovely askbox by sending a URL or Contacting me through Pesterchum @ abjectifiedConundrum or cosmicCreationist. I love drawing fantrolls (As long as they aren’t completely ridiculous).

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